Online Branding


Your company's brand identity is its perceived corporate image. It won't be defined by one specific design feature but by what your customers feel your company represents based on its image as a whole.

This brand representation is expressed through the visual identity of your company - your logo, your colours, your fonts - and all these elements combined are presented in your company literature, digitally via websites and social media sites, and in traditional print via business cards, letterheads and further company stationery. The branding then moves through into flyers, exhibition panels, company clothing and any other expression of your company in the public consciousness. We have great experience in the production of all these vital elements and a proven track record in creating and developing brand awareness for our clients. Our involvement in producing clear identities includes designing and updating bespoke logos and developing them for use across digital and print.

The rise of social media has presented new challenges to logo design - having the restriction of a defined area in which to display a company logo has intensified the discipline, and it's a discipline we embrace. We love designing logos with elements that naturally lend themselves to social media sites, and you can trust us to develop and maintain your brand identity, making that brand a source of pride for you and your clients for many years to come.



Being sociable is the easiest way to find new customers online. Whatever the message you want to share, social networks like Facebook and Twitter can help your voice be heard by as many people as possible.

We can help shape your social media marketing whether it's a branded Twitter profile you need or a YouTube channel to showcase your videos. We'll share the secrets of our past success and make sure you benefit from all our experience.

You can't afford to forget Facebook marketing or social media management. They're overtaking traditional methods and Twitter marketing means that satisfied customers won't just tell their friends, they'll tell everyone. So, contact us today and introduce yourself to the world.